Infra-Red Photoelectric Sensors

Infra-Red Photoelectric Sensors

Offers A complete range of Infrared Photo-Electric switches employing three different scanning techniques.

Diffuse scanning
Through Scanning
Retro-reflective Scanning

Common Specifications :

Supply:10-30 Volts DC
            220 Volts AC models available
Output:NPN / PNP / NO / NC
O/P Current : 200mA (Max)
Indication : For NPN O/P - Green LED
Indication : For PNP O/P - Red LED
No Load Current : 5-10 mA approx

Drop across Switch : Below 1 Volt
Speed (max) : 100 per Second
Protection : Reverse Polarity
Protection : Short Circuit Protection
NO to NC Selectable : To Change Output- interchange supply wires
Operating Temp : upto 55 Deg Celsius.
Connector models available


For process Automation in various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Food Processing, Textiles, Material Handling Systems, Automobile, ENgineering, Film/Paper, Chemical/Paint, Ceramic Floor Tiles, Storage systems, Safety and Security and many other applications.

Applications of Infra-red Photoelectric Switches
Diffuse Scan IR Photoelectric sensor Diffuse Scan Sensor

Diffuse ScanThe monitored object used here is to divert the beam from the transmitter to the receiver. This type can be conveniently use as a proximity switch

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Through Scan Infra-Red Photoelectric sensor Through Scan Sensor

Through ScanHere the transmitter & the receiver are housed separately and are positioned on eighter side of the monitored object(s)

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Retro-Reflective  IR photoelectric sensor Retro-Reflective Sensor

Retroreflective ScanA reflector is used here to direct the beam from transmitter to reciever, both of which are housed together. This type is specially designed for applications where space is at a premium.

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Fork / Slot Infra-Red Photoelectric sensor Fork / Slot Sensor
Specially desighned sizes. Available with slot sizes 3 mm, 5 mm, 20 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm.
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Flame Sensor Flame Sensor
Flame sensors are designed to sense Yellow flame. Operating temprature is upto 55 deg Celsius
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